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Blackout Curtains

Ranging from 40% to 100% light-blocking capability

Linen Curtains

Achieve a Natural and Textured look 

Velvet Curtains

Offering a Luxurious and Soft texture

Jacquard Curtains

Directly woven into the fabric, allows for more intricate and complex patterns

Sheer Curtains

Invite soft natural light, balancing elegance with privacy

Curtain Accessories

Stylish tiebacks, durable rods enhance both functionality and aesthetics

Curtain Customization Service

WindowFaces offer ODM and OEM services, tailoring our products to meet your specific needs.
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    The WindowFaces Philosophy

    At WindowFaces, CEO Sophia believes curtains are an art form, seamlessly blending with homes to add life's finishing touch.She envisions them as diverse expressions, complementing various home styles for a uniquely beautiful life. Our philosophy is to offer window treatments that transcend functionality, turning spaces into personalized canvases reflecting the artistry of everyday living.Learn More about Founder's Story
    For Wholesale Distributors
    • Flexible solutions
    • Co-creation
    • Personalized creativity
    For Brand Merchants
    • Quality assurance
    • Delivered on time
    • Brand cohesion
    For E-commerce Clients
    • Diverse Design
    • Rapid Product Refresh
    • Flexible wholesale

    Tailored Curtain Solutions for You

    At WindowFaces, we recognize the distinct requirements of each client. Whether you are a wholesale distributor, brand retailer, e-commerce enterprise, or a supermarket retailer, we offer tailored service plans to cater to your specific needs.


    Partnered Wholesale Distributors


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    Supermarket Retailers

    Partnering with Over 1000+ Business Clients

    WindowFaces serves a global clientele, earning widespread acclaim for our exceptional product quality and professionalism

    Merchandise Manager from Canada

    As a  Canadian chain furniture store, we visited China in 2019 to explore potential partnerships. Among the various factories we explored, Windowfaces stood out with its innovative styles, outstanding product quality, and exceptional pre-and post-sales services. Impressed by their offerings, we promptly placed an order for 80,000 curtains. Since then, Windowfaces has proven to be a steadfast and reliable partner, consistently delivering on its promises of high-quality products and unwavering support. 


    Textile Procurement Manager from LIDL

    I highly value our partnership with WindowFaces. Their ability to deliver high-quality, customized curtains promptly has been
    impressive. In a recent urgent order, WindowFaces exceeded our expectations by delivering ahead of schedule, demonstrating their commitment and reliability. Their professionalism has made our collaboration smooth and successful.


    Procurement Manager from Switzerland

    As's Procurement Manager, I focus on sourcing quality and diverse curtains for our e-commerce platform. Our partnership with WindowFaces has been exemplary, providing a range of innovative and high-quality curtain products that adapt quickly to market trends and our specific needs. Their flexibility and professional service have been crucial in maintaining the variety and quality of products on our website, essential for our competitive edge in the online market.


    Trusted Certification of WindowFaces Curtains

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    We attach great importance to the style of your space. Let WindowFaces curtains decorate a more stunning space. Contact us to make your ideas come true.

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    At WindowFaces, we are dedicated to enhancing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of healthcare environments through our specialized Medical Curtain Solutions. Experience the perfect blend of quality, design, and customer care with us.
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