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Comprehensive Outdoor Elegance Curtain Solutions at WindowFaces

At WindowFaces, we can fulfill all these needs for our clients, ensuring that every outdoor curtain solution combines durability, aesthetic appeal, and practical functionality to create versatile and welcoming outdoor living spaces for year-round enjoyment.

Mosquito Net Curtains

Made from mesh fabric, provide an elegant solution for outdoor spaces, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Effective Mosquito Protection

Keep annoying bugs out with our high-quality mosquito net curtains, ideal for patios, balconies, or porches.

Enhanced Airflow

Maintains excellent ventilation to keep the outdoor space breathable and comfortable.

Versatile Outdoor Use

Perfect for patios, gazebos, and porches, offering a peaceful retreat without the nuisance of bugs.

Sheer Curtains

Come in transparent or semi-transparent options, offering both light filtering and privacy.

Soft Light Diffusion

Softly filters sunlight while maintaining a degree of privacy, creating a cozy ambiance.

Decorative Enhancement

Available in various colors and materials like faux linen or chiffon, sheer curtains elevate the aesthetic appeal of outdoor areas.

Privacy and Comfort

Ideal for gardens, balconies, and verandas, providing privacy without compromising airflow or outdoor views.

Blackout Curtains

Offering customizable light control, these curtains range from 50% to 100% blackout options, catering to various preferences.

Summer Shade and Winter Protection

 Provides effective sun and heat blocking during summer months while also serving as a barrier against wind and insulation during winter.

Waterproof Design

Provides added protection against rain and moisture, ensuring durability and longevity even in inclement weather conditions.

Customizable Features

Tailored to meet specific requirements, these curtains can be customized with features such as stain resistance or UV protection, as well as bespoke colors and fabrics to suit individual preferences

Exceptional Customer Service and Support

Always At Your Service

Our dedicated team is available for online consultations and ensures swift delivery of your customized solutions.

Commitment to After-Sales Support

We value customer feedback and are committed to providing exceptional after-sales service, ensuring complete satisfaction with our products.

  • Can you provide production progress and tracking information for custom curtains?
    Yes, we can provide production progress and tracking information for custom curtains so that customers can keep track of order status. We focus on communication with customers to ensure that orders are completed and delivered on time.
  • Can we add our brand logo to curtains from your partners?
    Certainly, we can add the customer's brand logo to the curtains as per their request. We welcome customers to cooperate with us in building brand image together.
  • Can you provide samples of custom curtains for testing?
    Yes, we can provide samples of custom curtains for customers to test and confirm. This helps customers confirm the quality and appearance of the curtains meet their expectations.
  • What is the process for starting custom curtains?
    Our process for custom curtains includes communicating with customers to confirm design and requirements, selecting fabrics and craftsmanship, signing contracts and paying deposits, production and manufacturing, final inspection, and delivery. We will maintain close communication with customers to ensure the smooth progress of the entire process.

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