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At WindowFaces, we redefine the art of B2B curtain customization with an extensive array of options. With hundreds of fabric choices in varying colors, patterns, and customizable features, our professional service team ensures a seamless journey from material selection to final delivery.

Curtains Customization Steps

Step 1

Needs Discussion

Understand client requirements, discuss design preferences, and determine specific features for customized curtains.

Step 2

3D Modeling Presentation

Present a virtual representation of the proposed curtain design through detailed 3D modeling for client approval.

Step 3

Sample Production

Craft a prototype of the customized curtain to provide clients with a tangible example of the final product.

Step 4

Mass Production

Scale up production based on approved samples, ensuring consistency in design, materials, and quality for all curtains.

Step 5

Quality Inspection

Rigorous inspection of each curtain to verify dimensions, stitching, and fabric quality, maintaining high production standards.

Step 6

Packaging and Delivery

Carefully package the finalized curtains and arrange secure delivery, ensuring they reach clients in pristine condition and on time.

Customized 1

Fabric Options

Our products are made of advanced polyester material, offering the look and feel of linen, cotton, or velvet, while ensuring enhanced durability, color retention, and eco-friendliness. We also fully support custom orders for pure linen or cotton materials to meet specific requirements.

Recommended Fabrics

Solid Color High Precision Fabric

This fabric comes with options for matte, single-sided sheen, or double-sided sheen finishes. Featuring a black silk weave layer, it offers excellent blackout capabilities, ideal for creating a dark and restful environment. It can also serve as an exceptional base fabric for printing, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

Velvet Fabric

Luxurious and soft to the touch make it a favorite for both classic and contemporary designs, enhancing drapery and any other decor elements with depth and warmth. Highly versatile, velvet is not only visually striking but also durable, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. Available in a range of vibrant colors, it adapts beautifully to various styling needs, providing a regal and inviting atmosphere wherever it is used.

Jacquard Fabric

Known for its intricate patterns woven into the fabric rather than printed, jacquard offers a textured and dimensional quality. This weaving technique produces detailed designs ranging from subtle florals to bold geometrics, making it versatile for both drapery and upholstery. The combination of threads in multiple hues adds complexity and richness to the fabric, enhancing both visual appeal and tactile experience.

Faux Linen Fabric

This fabric provides the same texture and natural look as traditional linen, yet offers enhanced durability and easier maintenance. Resistant to wrinkles and fading, it ensures that designs retain their beauty with minimal care. It is highly suitable for making sheer curtains that allow light to permeate softly, or blackout curtains with a faux linen texture that effectively block light. 

Customized 2

Functional Customization Options:

We offer a range of treatments that can transform any fabric into a more durable and functional material, catering to specific needs across various applications. Options include blackout, waterproof, flame retardant, antimicrobial, and anti-mold treatments, among others.

Recommended Blackout Solutions

Standard Blackout Fabric

Constructed by weaving a layer of black yarn into the fabric during the production process. This method naturally achieves a significant degree of light blocking, making it suitable for environments where moderate darkness is required.

Back Coating

For enhanced blackout performance, a back coating, available in either white or black, can be applied to the fabric. This additional layer not only improves the blackout capabilities but also contributes to room insulation, making it ideal for those requiring complete darkness and temperature control.

Custom Layering

We offer the option to customize your fabric choice by adding a blackout liner in a color of your choice to your preferred material. This method enhances fabric selection flexibility while maintaining effective blackout properties, ensuring both style and functionality are preserved.

Recommended Flame Retardant Solutions

  • Chemical Treatments

    We utilize advanced chemical processes that impregnate fibers with flame retardant properties, ensuring that the fabric can effectively resist ignition and slow down the spread of fire.

  • Inherent Flame Retardant Fibers

    For maximum safety, we offer fabrics made from inherently flame retardant fibers. These materials are engineered at the molecular level to provide permanent protection against fire, unlike treated fabrics where the flame retardant properties may diminish over time with washing and use.

  • Safety Standards and Applications

    Our flame-retardant fabrics are rigorously tested and certified to meet a variety of international safety standards. We provide testing and compliance certificates for standards such as NFPA 701 upon request.Our fabrics are ideal for use in environments where safety is a priority, including hotels, schools, offices, and homes, making them perfect for draperies, upholstery, and other decorative textiles.

Recommended Waterproof Solutions

In practical applications, we offer various waterproof solutions tailored to different needs. For instance, we can apply waterproof treatments to blackout fabrics or sheer materials, ensuring they maintain their light-blocking capabilities while also resisting water penetration. Additionally, we provide waterproof options for shower curtains, making them ideal for bathroom environments where water resistance is essential.

Customized 3

Custom Craftsmanship Options

Elevate the aesthetic appeal of curtains with our range of custom craftsmanship options. Each technique adds a unique touch of elegance and personality to your designs, perfect for creating distinctive interiors.

Gold/Silver Foiling

Add a luxurious sheen with gold or silver foiling. This decorative touch infuses a rich, opulent look, ideal for spaces that require a bit of glamour.


Custom patterns can be sewn into the fabric, providing a textured, dimensional appearance that enhances both visual and tactile appeal.


This technique adds depth and sophistication without overwhelming the design, suitable for a refined aesthetic.


Utilize our printing services to apply intricate designs and vibrant colors directly onto the fabric. This method allows for endless creativity, enabling personalized themes or detailed graphic prints.

Customized 4

Color Options

Each of our fabric types comes in an array of color choices. We also provide free color swatches for selection or can customize colors based on client specifications.

Customized 5

Size Customization

We offer custom sizing to meet your project's exact requirements.

Standard size curtains

For customers from supermarkets, e-commerce platforms, or those requiring standard-sized curtains, we provide a size chart with standard dimensions commonly used in various countries, listed below. This chart is tailored to assist you in selecting the appropriate curtain sizes for a variety of window configurations.

Custom size curtains

For designers, home decor companies, and others who require custom-sized curtains, we have prepared a detailed guide on how to measure windows. This article will assist you in obtaining precise measurements to ensure a perfect custom fit for your specific window treatment needs.

How to Measure for Curtains

Customized 6

Header Options

Select from a variety of curtain headers to complement the functional needs and aesthetic preferences of your space. Each style offers a unique way to enhance how the curtains hang and interact with the overall room design.


Metal rings at the top of the curtain through which the rod is inserted. It offers a contemporary and industrial look and allows the curtains to slide easily on the rod.

Rod Pocket

A tunnel-like pocket is sewn at the top of the curtain allowing the rod to be inserted. This design lets the curtain gather or shirr on the rod, giving it a traditional look.

Back Tab

Similar to hidden tab headers, back tabs have loops or tabs on the back of the curtain through which the rod is inserted, creating a clean and uncluttered line at the top, contributing to a modern aesthetic.

Tab Top

This header style features fabric loops or tabs sewn at the top of the curtain that the rod slips through. Tab top curtains offer a relaxed, informal look and allow for easy sliding, ideal for less formal spaces or achieving a breezy aesthetic.

Tie Top

This header style features fabric ties at the top of the curtain that are tied around the rod. It creates a relaxed and adjustable look, and allows for easy height adjustment of the curtain.


Fabric gathered into tight folds, stitched to create a tailored look. Available in styles like pinch, box, or pencil pleat, these curtains add texture and sophistication to any space.

Clip Rings

Clip rings attach to the fabric and slide over a curtain rod, offering flexibility and ease of use. This header style allows for quick adjustments and creates evenly spaced, casual drapes.

Curtains Customized Case

Customized Blackout Curtains for a Canadian Curtains Brand

The client opted for high-quality natural linen-like fabric in a chic beige tone, complemented by blackout lining for optimal light control. We meticulously customized 10 different sizes, resulting in a total of 15,000 pieces, ensuring both style and functionality meet the brand's exacting standards.

Custom Fabric Digital Print Curtains for Amazon E-Commerce Client

We collaborated with an Amazon client, curating premium fabrics through two rounds of sampling for optimal value. Using their images, we digitally printed 10 unique designs, blending quality materials with bespoke craftsmanship.

Luxurious Velvet Drapes for Korean Boutique Hotel Chain

 Our partnership with a boutique hotel chain resulted in luxurious velvet drapes that exude elegance and opulence. The client selected premium velvet fabric in rich, deep tones to create a lavish ambiance in their rooms while prioritizing fire safety and enhanced blackout properties. 

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  • Can you provide production progress and tracking information for custom curtains?
    Yes, we can provide production progress and tracking information for custom curtains so that customers can keep track of order status. We focus on communication with customers to ensure that orders are completed and delivered on time.
  • Can we add our brand logo to curtains from your partners?
    Certainly, we can add the customer's brand logo to the curtains as per their request. We welcome customers to cooperate with us in building brand image together.
  • Can you provide samples of custom curtains for testing?
    Yes, we can provide samples of custom curtains for customers to test and confirm. This helps customers confirm the quality and appearance of the curtains meet their expectations.
  • What is the process for starting custom curtains?
    Our process for custom curtains includes communicating with customers to confirm design and requirements, selecting fabrics and craftsmanship, signing contracts and paying deposits, production and manufacturing, final inspection, and delivery. We will maintain close communication with customers to ensure the smooth progress of the entire process.

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