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Free-Flowing Sheer for Archway Draping

Material: Lightweight sheer fabric

Colors: Solid colors (white, pink, champagne) or trendy ombre

Features: Easy to drape and adjust, creates a soft and romantic atmosphere

Application: Ideal for decorating wedding archways, creating a dreamy and elegant setting

Pocket Curtain for Versatile Draping

Material: Sheer fabric or opaque silk

Colors: Various colors to match the wedding theme

Features: Easy installation with a rod, versatile in fabric choice

Application: Perfect for creating a sophisticated and elegant backdrop for archways, banquet areas, and more

Elegant Fabric Choices for Background Draping

Material: Satin, velvet, sheer fabric, or a combination of these

Colors: Single-color or multi-color to match the wedding theme

Features: Combining materials and colors for added depth and elegance

Application: Perfect for wedding ceremony backdrops and photo areas, delivering a memorable and sophisticated setting

Canopy Style for Ceiling Draping

Material: Lightweight sheer or silk

Colors: Light shades (white, ivory, light blue) or theme-coordinated colors

Features: Creates a romantic canopy effect, enhances the dreamlike atmosphere

Application: Suitable for outdoor tent weddings or large banquet halls

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  • Can you provide production progress and tracking information for custom curtains?
    Yes, we can provide production progress and tracking information for custom curtains so that customers can keep track of order status. We focus on communication with customers to ensure that orders are completed and delivered on time.
  • Can we add our brand logo to curtains from your partners?
    Certainly, we can add the customer's brand logo to the curtains as per their request. We welcome customers to cooperate with us in building brand image together.
  • Can you provide samples of custom curtains for testing?
    Yes, we can provide samples of custom curtains for customers to test and confirm. This helps customers confirm the quality and appearance of the curtains meet their expectations.
  • What is the process for starting custom curtains?
    Our process for custom curtains includes communicating with customers to confirm design and requirements, selecting fabrics and craftsmanship, signing contracts and paying deposits, production and manufacturing, final inspection, and delivery. We will maintain close communication with customers to ensure the smooth progress of the entire process.

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