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The Founder's Story

Curtain Factory

Sophia Yu
The Founder & CEO

With over 20 years in the curtain industry, possessing an in-depth understanding of curtains, keenly aware of customer needs, and excelling in delivering tailored solutions. 
Early Inspirations

Sophia, a girl from Nantong, China's textile heartland, grew up dreaming by the window. Her childhood was filled with visions of the vibrant world beyond her windowpane, inspiring a deep passion for textiles and design.

Journey in the Textile World

Pursuing her dreams, Sophia majored in International Trade of Textiles at university, which led her to Keqiao, Shaoxing, another textile hub. There, she delved into the world of curtain manufacturing, gaining insights and expertise that would shape her future.
Curtain Factory
Curtain Factory
The Birth of WindowFaces
After years of industry experience, when the opportunity arose, Sophia took a bold step and acquired the curtain factory, rebranding it as WindowFaces. Her vision was to blend the art of curtains with the practicality of their use, transforming windows into canvases of beauty and expression.

Building a Balanced Team

Under Sophia’s leadership, WindowFaces fosters a culture that merges resilience with empathy, reflecting the nuanced strengths of female leadership. The company champions a supportive environment where women can thrive professionally and personally, ensuring that work-life balance is not just a concept, but a practiced reality.

Get to Know Our Team
Curtain Factory
Service Manager
Curtain Factory
Production Manager
Curtain Factory
Quality Control Manager
Curtain Factory
Logistic Specialist
Cultivating Company Culture

WindowFaces is more than a brand; it's a community where the ethos of female empowerment permeates every aspect. The company culture is crafted around nurturing talent, encouraging diversity, and promoting a balanced lifestyle. Through initiatives like flexible working hours, family-friendly policies, and continuous professional development, WindowFaces not only supports but celebrates the unique journey of every woman in the team.

WindowFaces Essence

WindowFaces transcends mere curtain-making, embodying a commitment to empowerment and balance. Sophia’s vision has crafted a legacy where art meets life, nurturing a community that values innovation and female strength.
For collaboration or inquiries, connect with us below and be part of our journey in shaping spaces with beauty and purpose.

Curtain Factory
Curtain Factory

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